SIE Soluciones

Web, UX/UI

When SIE Soluciones released their new range of web apps, the company felt the need to update their site to better communicate the products. 

During my time there, I worked on the project from the beginning side by side with the CEO and the developers.

The new site was a complete re-design. Among the biggest changes we did was to switch the design from single page to multi page, create single product pages and come up with a way of presenting the new apps in a visually engaging way as well as providing all the technical information about each of the products.

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We paid special attention to the interaction design. Switching from a small comany site to a big multiple page site, we wanted to make sure the users would easily find the info they were looking for. Many hours were spent with the developer making sure that the digital experience was as easy and friendly as posible to the final user.