Branding / Graphic Design / Art Direction

Alternative Medicine + State of the art Technology

Medicotecnica is a small company that focuses on improving the quality of life of people whith health issues. 

Medicotecnica sells, distributes and gives mentoring on devices that combine alternative medicine with state of the art technology. 

Simple, modern and honest.

The name of the company, Medicotécnica, is the fusion between the two words that mean “medicine” (médico) and “technology” (técnica). The logo is inspired by a mathematical figure, which also represents the scientific approach of the company. The core values are simplicity, honesty and innovation. 

Medicine raised to the maximum technical power.
The soft, rounded forms of typography represent the care, affection and delicacy with which these devices work on patients. The philosophy of Medicotecnica is precisely that: healing through non-aggressive methods. Rehabilitation through body-based exercises and therapies that leave your body stronger and free of pain.

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